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Welcome to St Mary's Catholic Parish, Maryborough


The word Baptism refers to the pouring of water and is an ancient Greek word that literally means “to be immersed” or “to be plunged into...” So, by Baptism, a person becomes immersed in Christ and his life. We are “plunged” into the life of Jesus and his gospel values. The word “Christening” means to “be made in the likeness of Christ” or to be “anointed” and the two words Baptism and Christening really mean the same thing and refer to the same thing. If a person has been “Christened” then this means they have been “Baptised,” and vice versa. Different churches use the different words but they mean the same thing and the mainstream Christian churches recognise each other’s Baptism or Christening. So there should be no need to Baptise someone who has already been Christened or Baptised in another church denomination. For example, we do not “re-baptise” someone who is already Christened in the Anglican Church or Lutheran Church or Uniting church, etc. We believe in the one Baptism.

Baptisms are usually held on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons.

To organise your child's Baptism, please download and fill in the form below and hand into the parish office.

Baptism application form